On Writing

A Great Summer

I had an amazing summer. First I went to London and got to work with these actors and Trip Cullman at the Tricycle Theater putting on THE COLBY SISTERS OF PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA. Then I went to Rome and Greece. Then on to Portland, OR to work on a new play, A LIFE, with Rose Riordan at the JAW Festival. And I just got back from Williamstown where Justin Levine and I continued to work on our musical, HALFWAY HOME. I saw pals and was visited by friends and made new friends the whole time. I am very lucky.

Mark Douet took the photo.

JAW Festival at Portland Center Stage

JAW Adam and Daniel.png With Daniel Crumrine at a playwrights roundtable lunch a week ago. Tommy Smith, Mat Smart, Penny Penniston and I got to chat with the promising playwrights of the JAW Festival – whose plays were just great – Daniel Crumrine, Caleb Sohigian, Luna Koenig, Lindsay Spear, Nickey Olson and Caroline Fenty. Made me hopeful that these young playwrights were so thoughtful and funny.


The question that the existence of poverty raises is: Do we really want to live in a society based on such severe competition?…Can we as a society really justify commodifying and parceling out such huge rewards and such stern punishments for social accomplishment and social failure? – Anthony Marcus