A Great Summer

I had an amazing summer. First I went to London and got to work with these actors and Trip Cullman at the Tricycle Theater putting on THE COLBY SISTERS OF PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA. Then I went to Rome and Greece. Then on to Portland, OR to work on a new play, A LIFE, with Rose Riordan at the JAW Festival. And I just got back from Williamstown where Justin Levine and I continued to work on our musical, HALFWAY HOME. I saw pals and was visited by friends and made new friends the whole time. I am very lucky.

Mark Douet took the photo.

More JAW

Hanging with the groovy people on the back steps of Portland Center Stage at JAW – Jaime Castaneda, Sarah Mitchell, Isaac Lamb and Val Landrum. And Sharonlee Mclean took this photo. I was never this cool in high school.10511356_10152242313708951_5523172785366831037_n

JAW Festival at Portland Center Stage

JAW Adam and Daniel.png With Daniel Crumrine at a playwrights roundtable lunch a week ago. Tommy Smith, Mat Smart, Penny Penniston and I got to chat with the promising playwrights of the JAW Festival – whose plays were just great – Daniel Crumrine, Caleb Sohigian, Luna Koenig, Lindsay Spear, Nickey Olson and Caroline Fenty. Made me hopeful that these young playwrights were so thoughtful and funny.