A series of stylish scenes about encounters among a group of eight characters who are friends, siblings, and lovers—both current and exes. Marcy, a former television star, returns to her hometown. It appears that her television days are over because of several stints in drug rehab. Her ex-boyfriend George and his current girlfriend, the very possessive Allison are not very happy about Marcy’s return. Neither are Allison’s girlfriends Janet and Charlene. To all of these shenanigans, add George’s brother Pete, who has broken up with his lover Jimmy who is now being courted by ex-druggie Alex. The quick paced scenes include a fallen tree, overcooked bacon, a neurotic jealous boy and girlfriend and even a scene involving “greeters” at a suspiciously named Jumbo Mart.


“A madcap comedy. Adam Bock’s dialogue borders on a David Mamet vs. vaudeville “Laugh-In” style in many of the scenes. It is almost machine gun patter, but highly stylized. There are sharp encounters, a lot of fun, pointless conversation and even interesting meditative silences. The cartoonish characters are losers in love and jobs, and one can’t even hold onto his construction tools.” – Talkin’ Broadway

Premiered at Encore Theatre, San Francisco
Directed by Kent Nicholson
With Cassie Beck, Chloe Broznan, Jibz Cameron, Jason Frazier, Robert Martinez, Craig Neibaur, David Ryan Smith and Lisa Steindler