The Typographer’s Dream



A typographer, geographer, and stenographer strive to explain their work in this examination of art and business, boundaries and learning to tell your own story. Most importantly, if you are what you do—what happens when you hate your job? A funny, honest look at how we define ourselves.


“It isn’t usually a compliment to compare a play with a panel discussion. But then, very few panel discussions are as funny, provocative, psychologically revealing, intellectually stimulating and thoroughly enjoyable as the one that makes up Adam Bock’s The Typographer’s Dream.” – San Francisco Chronicle
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“Bock’s The Typographer’s Dream is a striking one act that uses the ruse of a panel discussion to explore the variable dynamics between profession, self and interpersonal relationships. Challenging but funny and novel miniature should attract theaters throughout the non-profit world.” – Variety

Premiered at Clubbed Thumb, NYC
Directed by Drew Barr
With Kate Hampton, Meg MacCary and Dan Snook

European premiere: Bright Choice Productions, Edinburgh Festival
Directed by Owen Lewis
With Kathryn Akin, Kenneth Avery-Clark and Nicola Redmond