The Flowers


The gay couple that runs The Flowers theater troupe is as star-crossed as the forty-year-old actors they have playing Romeo and Juliet. For one of them, the world has become too small. The other can’t imagine another life. Wry and real, this is a play about parting’s sweet sorrow.


“The Flowers is deceptive. It initially seems almost trifling as it meanders through the everyday tribulations of the titular Chicago-based theater company, an unremarkable troupe held together in the grand off-Loop tradition of sealing wax, spit and artistic passion. Bock’s plot moves with the messy arc of day-to-day life: Heartbreak and death don’t arrive with orchestral swells at structurally appropriate climactic moments; they simply show up. And then life goes relentlessly on.” – Windy City
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Premiered at About Face Theatre, Chicago
Directed by Trip Cullman
With Caron Buinis, Brian-Mark Conover, Kieran Kredell, Merrina Millsapp, Bruch Reed and Ben Sprunger